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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a simple process and it's FREE to get Register with SPRL. You can find a Sign Up link at "Right top Corner" on Desktop website and find it under dropdown menu on Mobile website and somewhere in most of the pages with "Get Started" button.

You can click here to sign up now!

A link, provided by SPRL will be redirecting to targeted (Long) URL. We redirect with "HTTP status code, "301", means this URL has moved permanently.Redirection will be followed by these stages:
  1. A Public link will be redirect directly.
  2. A Private Password protected or Email Authenticate link will hold user to unlock with its password or Email.
  3. And "Inactive", "Expired" and "Blocked" links will not be redirected to blank status page and the user isn't redirected anywhere.
Well, its very easy to create short links in just one click.
  1. Find a box called "Short Your Link" below banner image on the Home Page as well as under "My Account > + New URL".
  2. Now, you can "Enter your link" and click on the "Shorten URL".
  3. More, you can add your custom keyword (any word) to create a Custom URL Tag.
SPRL allows you to make your custom tags with these below characters and that's perfect for link building (SEO).
  • Alphabets: Both Lowercase (a-z) and Uppercase (A-Z)
  • Numbers: (0-9) to any length
  • Underscore (_) and Dashes (-)
Yes, It is case sensitive for everything after the domain name and does not matter if you use lowercase or uppercase letters to create a link.
If a link creates under any account will have option to edit it. You can find an Edit option within your created links under "My Account > My Urls". You can edit your link and its information anytime.
Yes, Shorter URLs are better over longer once. It provides better advantages:
  • Easier to read, manage and remember.
  • Less Characters for SMS/Email Marketing.
  • Clicks and Visitors Tracking
No, The shorten url will be live forever. Perhaps, A Short URL created under any account can be edited by its creater. We do provide facility where you can set the URL status to "Inactive", "Blocked" and "Expired" and as well as you can redirect your visitor to Custom 404 page.
Yes, It is. We assure you about our software security as your links will be secure and data would be safe with us.

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