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Bulk URL generators the NEXT BIG thing in Digital Marketing

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If you are into marketing, you must have heard of Bulk URL shortening. They are saying Bulk URL shortening is the new mainstay of marketing. Are you familiar with Bulk URL shortening? I am sure you must be.

Let me shine some light on it. To begin with shortened URLs have added a new dimension to Digital Marketing initiatives. They are easy to share. They provide key business insights. They can help build a positive image. These are a few of the benefits of a shortened URL. In fact, there are so many. This is precisely why every marketing professional values them dearly. So, it is but natural to embrace shortened URLs and Bulk URL shortening fully. So it goes without much saying that to create shortened URLs in bulk, on a daily basis, you do require the services of a reliable “Bulk URL generator”

So, what do the Bulk URL generators do?

A bulk URL generator creates unique shortened URLs in bulk. Good bulk URL shorteners do so at the click-of-a-mouse-convenience. In a nutshell, it automates the process of creating 1000s of unique URLs in a blink of an eye, accurately. Creating unique, shortened URLs for your products, products images is done in a matter of minutes. Usually, it could take hours or probably a business day or more to do so manually.

What a bulk URL shortener does; it adds speed to implementing a marketing plan. Plus, you enjoy the freedom from catastrophically costly human errors. A bad faulty shortened URL can cost you potential business opportunities. Needless to say, enjoy the peace of mind with accurate and unique shortened URLs that you can share with eyes closed.

What a bliss!

How it works?
bulk shortener


  1. Add/Upload Long URLs - Copy & Paste targeted links manually in the textarea box or upload a “.CSV file”
  2. Custom Settings - Choose short domain, set expiry date, Add Utm Tags, etc.
  3. Submit / Download URLs - Manage links and download the results in excel format.
Bulk URL shortening services
So, who to go to for Bulk URL shortening services?

Well, URL shortening service providers do provide “bulk URL Shortening” service. Though plain URL shortening service may be free. However, you may have to pay for Bulk URL shortening services. In fact, it makes perfect sense to subscribe to a bulk URL shortening service. I will tell you why.

Since, to improve business results, you need to create shortened URLs in bulk. This is purely because they generate key business intelligence for you as you track them. Also, you can customize them as required. If some are nor producing desired results, you do away with them and create new ones in their place. To do all this, understandably, you need to have everything under control.

Paid bulk URL Shortening service will give you restricted access to a control panel dashboard by which you can do it and manage it all.

At the end of week, if you do the math, subscribing to a bulk URL shortening service will come out to be an investment rather than an expenditure in your accounts statement.

So, invest in a good, stable, reliable bulk URL shortening service provider.

Why must you partner with a reliable URL Shortener service provider for bulk URL Shortening?

Here are three reasons and probably three important features that you must look into for choosing a URL Shortening service provider.

1: Analytics

You cannot improve it unless you measure it - an important business tenet. You can measure performance of your pages linked with shortened URLs. They provide key real-time business insights on different parameters. Based on the information, you can realign your business strategy. This is what we know as A/B Testing. Selecting what works best for you.

So, a URL shortener provider including SPRL and Bitly, do offer analytics as part of their plan. Bitly is known worldwide. However, with SPRL you can enjoy world-class service at a much lower price.

2: Branding

Shortened URLs do also offer the promise of carrying your brand with them. This is possible with premium URL shortening service providers. So, when you share a Shortened URL, it may not be an obscure link. These premium service providers of the likes of SPRL, Bitly, Owly, etc., do let you buy and own a specific domain by which you can brand your specific campaign, product, or service.

For example, if you happen to be a fashion house named “Trikaya” and you have launched a new summer collection titled “Apsara” collection. SPRL can let you own a domain Tri.kaya.Aps or any such and brand your shortened URL accordingly. Now you can easily identify and associate your links with your brand and the new collection. An end user or a buyer does appreciate you making a conscious effort in letting them know that they are hearing from you and so make a purchase following this link they will end up buying your product. This means a lot to a loyal customer. Hence, these shortened URLs earn brand loyalty for you. In turn these loyal customers are your brand ambassadors.

We do understand that social media platforms are great for catching up with customers. But even though the time spent on these platforms is increasing day by day, yet you only get microseconds to catch their attention and recall their trust. Custom branded links can make the most of such a tiny window of opportunity.

Also, such branded links are less likely to be marked spam.

Admin Panel
Admin Panel

Last but not the least, you need a proper admin section to manage and make the most of this service; which I have described in my previous post as part of the best business practice. To qualify as best business practice, you need to have proper control over the whole process. The marketing process does not end at creating only shortened URLs.

What the admin section provides you is full access and control over this business process. You can not only create custom-branded links. You can track them gathering important business insights that further drive your business goals. As a business professional you do understand the importance of customer behaviour insights. You can have all this through a proper admin panel giving you absolute control over the URL shortening and bulk URL shortening process.

Bitly, Rebrandly and SPRL are recommended. These three do have the infrastructure, hardware and software and the technology to let you go full steam without encountering any speed bumps. The three also have excellent support systems to fall back on. You can reach out to them at any time and your requests are taken up on priority.

When you are taking up the free services, you give up on tech support, robust technology that has the power to handle your volume and I-needed-it-yesterday urgency.

All said and done, price is a huge determiner. I give you a moment of truth. Just take a look at the price comparison below and see which one comes out as favourite. Every penny saved is a penny earned. As a business you do understand that and would want to put your money to best use.

Good luck!

Price comparison


Shortened URLs are gaining currency. They are key to gaining marketing grounds and waging brand wars intelligently. This technology lets you stay in tune with your customer and the dynamic marketing landscape. In fact, in a marketing landscape fluid with changes occurring at blistering speed, you need to be armed with a weapon by which you can change your strategy at the same pace and keep up. When you have real-time access and the ability to change your marketing communications as the marketing landscape is changing, the only outcome is success. Nothing succeeds like success. There is nothing compared to winning. Everyone loves a winner. Everyone wants to stay with a winner. That's you being with a reliable bulk URL shortening service besides you.

That’s a wrap folks!

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