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How Best Indian URL Shorteners can help your business grow?

Read blog about "How Best Indian URL Shorteners can help your business grow?"



Every profit driven business enterprise is adopting and incorporating URL Shortening as a part of best business practices. India Inc. too is in tune with the times. Thanks to the AtmaNirbhar initiative in India, Indian firms are emerging as some of the best URL shortening service providers.

In this post we will see how URL Shortening function raises the level of operational effectiveness and at the same time paints a positive image about the organization.

Along the way, we will also explore the best Indian URL Shorteners in India.

But, if you are new to URL shortening technology, here are a few easy-to-follow FAQs on URL Shortening technology and service. Help yourself to clear up the mist around it.

Else, connect directly with the always-eager-to-help support team, at one of the best Indian URL Shortening Service providers – www.insprl.com; you can email them at contact[at]insprl.com or you can even call them directly at 8088 948 172.

First, let us be absolutely clear about URL shortening technology in brief.

What exactly is a URL Shortener?

A URL Shortener is an online tool. This tool automatically converts a long URL into a much-shortened URL. Yes, it is as simple as this. However, there’s more to it!

But first let us understand why do businesses or even individuals need to shorten URLs?

As they say, the proof of a pudding is in the eating. Therefore, let me illustrate with a few real-life examples.

coke url

The Coca Cola brand and company needs no introduction. They had set up a specific domain - http://cokeurl.com way back in 2009. So, every URL Shortened went like http://cokeurl.com/

Here’s an example of cokeurl.com shortened URL

coke shorten url

Adidas, a German sportswear manufacturing giant of a company. It faces stiff competition from Nike and others. It too has adopted URL Shortening into a core marketing process. Checkout the Shortened URL used by them.

adidas shorten url

In the similar vein, celebrities are brands in themselves too. Their Instagram accounts too sport attractive shortened URLs. Angelina Jolie, a Hollywood actress, and social activist uses Shortened URL to share and promote issues and stories close to her. Check her account below

angelina jolie shorten url

Below is another usage of Shortened URL by an Indian Actor Tiger Shroff to share and promote his upcoming movie.

Actor Tiger Shroff shorten url

Let’s look at how Indian companies are leveraging the URL Shorteners, especially on social media.

mamaearth shorten url
kotak mahindra bank shorten url
lenskart shorten url

These few powerful examples are enough to underpin the point that URL Shortening is the new normal for businesses.

In the present times, we are living in a hyper-connected world. Businesses not connecting with their customers, partners, shareholders will eventually lose them. So, you need to ask yourself; can your profit driven business afford to commit a business hara-kiri by turning a blind eye to URL shortening.

I guess not.

So, companies need to increasingly connect on a day-to-day basis with their universal audience. The social media platforms are hyper-pavilions to meet, connect and interact with customers located much beyond geographical boundaries. However, even while connecting with them, you cannot afford to send wrong and confusing signals with long and messy URLs. Short is sweet and just right. Shortened URLs are easy to copy and share. They also strongly suggest how good, smart and forward-looking your company is. Hence, URL Shorteners are a must-to-have service-provider. Therefore, you need only the best URL Shortener to partner with

Here are a few reasons to partner with only the best URL shortening service provider.

Advanced and best URL shortening service providers in India namely bitly, sprl, ow.ly let you add more value to your shortened URL.


Well, these smart URL Shortening services let you take up a specialized domain. In turn, you can brand the specialized URL customizing it to promote your brand, products and services.

We did discuss the example of Coca Cola. They took up the domain “cokeurl.com” and brand it. Our very own IT tech giant – Infosys too has taken up infy.com

Infosys shorten url

Another Indian brand – Limca, now though owned by Coca cola has a special domain coke2home.com. All shortened URL for Limca post contain ‘amazn.to’ as part of their shortened URL.

The same is true for ThumbsUp, as well.

Thums Up shorten url

Please note that in order for the customization of a shortened URL, you first need to buy the domain to customize it. One of the first names in URL Shortener services in India – SPRL; offers customization of shortened URL as a part of their service. You can also check out rebrandly, bitly and ow.ly who are offering similar services worldwide.

The other benefits and advantages of taking services of best URL Shorteners are:

It has been reported that posts with shortened URL are read and shared more. You do not wish to miss out on connecting with your stakeholders.

Shortened URL are integral to Marketing and Communication.

Look beyond branding through these shortened URLs.

Best in class Shortened URL service providers have the technology that aligns these shortened URLs with UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) codes. Hence now you can gather business intelligence across diverse data points.

Bitly, Rebrandly and SPRL are some of the best URL Shorteners which include these services in their service spectrum.

These shortened URLs can tell us links which are getting the most clicks and the ones which are ignored. This rich information is vital for understanding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With shortened URLs you can gather data analytic from different social media platforms namely Twitter, Facebook, etc. Based on the intelligence you can alter your marketing strategies.

Well, the arguments included above and there are plenty more; all have convinced the bluest of blue-chip companies to make URL Shortening integral to their marketing initiative.

In fact, URL shortening as a service is highly evolved. To make the best use of it, you need to partner with the best URL Shortening service providers. And here is the short list of the best Indian URL shortening service providers.



The first on our list of best Indian URL Shortener is Bit.ly. However, it is a global firm with services available in India. But it is not truly Indian URL shortening service provider

Bitly is a business-grade URL Shortener. The full-spectrum of URL shortening services offered by Bitly suits the corporate companies.

Once you sign up with Bit.ly, you get access to a range of services by which you can not only shorten URLs, you can customize them, pick a domain to customize it. You will have at your disposal a comprehensive dashboard by which you can perform in-depth tracking and gather business intelligence related to shortened URL and your target audience, organic share etc.

Bitly has smartly priced its offerings. The Starter Plan @ $29/month gets you a free custom domain. With it you can also create 1,500 links per month. Upgrade to a Premium Plan, @ $200/month, in addition to 3,000 links per month, automatic QR code generation you can generate richly granulated analytic reports across many data points. Click here to know more about Bitly pricing and plans.

Bitly is best suited to medium to large companies.



The second on the list of Best Indian URL Shortening Service Providers is Rebrandly.

Rebrandly offers similar spectrum of services as Bit.ly. However, Rebrandly offers 5 custom domains in their free account as compared to none by bit.ly. The basic plan however is priced at $29/per month and gets you 5000 branded links. In terms of pricing, Rebrandly is more economical if you are price-conscious to start with.

Quite like Bit.ly, you do get performance analytics by which you can do A/B testing and make changes to your marketing initiatives.



The last on our list is our very own Indian Venture, a 100 percent swadeshi firm.

SPRL is a URL Shortening service provider based out of Bengaluru, India. You can check their services at www.insprl.com. SPRL is reliable, trusted and truly the best Indian URL Shortener.

Besides the web URL shortening services, SPRL offers Image short URLs, Video and Audio short URLs. Of course, you do get URL Shortening, domain and URL customization, UTM Builder, QR codes, advanced analytics as with bit.ly and rebrandly.

The biggest difference is the cost effectiveness. See and believe it. With Bit.ly the cost per link created comes to Rs. 4.96, while with Rebrandly, this cost comes down to Rs. 0.44 per link. But with SPRL it is mere Rs.0.10, which is by far the most economical. If you convert it in $USD, it comes to 0.0013109597 US Dollars.

Would you believe it!

SPRL comparisons


There is only one truly Indian URL Shortener and that is SPRL. And hands down it is the most economical option available anywhere in the world. It is as good as getting world class services for free.

Adopt this revolutionary technology of URL shortening and give teeth to your marketing campaigns to bite into the market share and win you big dividends!

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