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WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp API for Website


Welcome to SPRL REST API

Below you'll find listing of all the available WhatsApp Business APIs. As we working on more APIs, they will be automatically documented here!

For more information about a particular API, click on its name. You'll be taken to the API's documentation page, which includes what query parameters the API will accept, what the JSON object's parameters will be in the response.

This documentation is for our most recent version of the REST API, version 1.0.


API Request

Instance Manage WhatsApp Account

Get the account status and QR code for authorization
Direct link to QR-code in the form of an image, not base64.
Logout from WhatsApp Web to get new QR code
Reboot your WhatsApp instance

Messages Send and receive messages

Send a message to a new or existing chat.
Send a file to a new or existing chat.
Send a ptt-audio to a new or existing chat
Send text with link and link's preview to a new or existing chat
Sending a contact or contact list to a new or existing chat
Sending a location to a new or existing chat
Forwarding messages to a new or existing chat

Chats Manage chats and group

Creates a group and sends the message to the created group.
Adding participant to a chat group
Remove participant to a chat group



If you'd like to use our REST API into your application, Feel free to contact us.

8088 948 172 or Contact Us


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