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Top 5 Reasons brands use Bulk SMSs Marketing

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Every day we receive SMS from our near and dear ones. We even receive numerous SMSs from the companies we do business with. SMS is the new norm of communication, now. According to many reports, every 4th person in the world uses a mobile phone. Mobile a necessity. It is hard to imagine a life without a mobile. No wonder, Bulk SMSs has emerged as one of the best and surest way for businesses to connect with exciting consumers and reach out to potential consumers.

In fact, the study shows that people prefer to receive SMS from the brands and companies that interests them for their own reasons. According to Mobile Monkey, SMS is the most preferred channel of communication of consumers.

sms vs other marketing

Before you begin with SMS Marketing, please note that the most important aspect of any SMS campaign is selection of an appropriate Bulk SMS Service provider. We at SPRL, have top-of-the-line infrastructure for powering Bulk SMS campaigns for our clients. We have our own hardware, software, servers, and the approvals of all the government bodies for you to run your campaign smoothly.

Now you know you have a dependable partner in SPRL, let us look at the Top 5 Reasons companies are using Bulk SMS Marketing. They use Bulk SMS to connect and engage with their customers in building and fostering meaningful relationships. Such relationships which are vital for any business.

1. Promotions of special events & offers

I am sure you understand Special Promotional Offers and Events are part of every marketing armoury in marketing your products and services throughout the year. It is not only imperative to design an enticing promotional offer, or organize an attractive event, but also equally important to advertise it.

Mass media are impersonal. So, when you have the database of your existing customers, Bulk SMSs is best way to reaching out to them. Send invitations by SMS. Encourage their participation by including a special incentive for them via SMS. Offer rewards for participations directly SMS. There are many things you can do with SMS. You can as creative as you can be.

promotional sms

Below are the examples of some of the events and promotional offers. SMS is a weapon best used for promotion.

1. Privilege Clubs

Use SMS to marketing discounted deals on drinks, foods, sales. Create Privilege Clubs for your customers and make them feel special by offering sale preview, special discounts and other benefits regarding your product or service via SMS.

2. Competitions and Contests

Organize competitions. They are extremely good advertising vehicles. Use SMS to promote competitions and engage with your consumers. We do watch many Reality Shows for which companies send SMSs. E.g Kaun Banega Crorepati etc.

3. Special Nights Promotions

Kitty parties, happy hour, stag parties are big draws with customers. Advertise and promote them via SMS. Encourage customer participation via SMS.

4. Promote Events

Send SMS to promote your events. SMS marketing is a powerful tool for promoting events. SMS increases both your reach and penetration. Bulk SMS is the ideal tool for advertising and increasing the participation in events.

2. Gather Feedback

Knowing your customers is fundamental to the success of your business. SMS is an idea tool. Use it to ask your customers of their feedback. Use SMS to requesting customers their feedback at the end of an event, after their purchase or after the completion of installation or a demo.

Customer feedback gives you valuable feedback on the product and services. You get to learn customers’ preferences. Based on the customer feedback received you can make constructive changes to drive your business forward.

Valuable customer intelligence can be attained by including Bulk SMS in your marketing communication mix. When you ask your customers for their feedback, they feel a connection. They feel part of enterprise. They will respond to your requests received through SMS participating positively in your endeavours. SMS is beautiful way to win an ally in your customer. Bulk SMS help you build an army of allies.

customer feedback via sms

There are many ways you can use SMS in seeking customer feedback. A trusted service provider can help you to empower your SMS Marketing initiative. With SPRL can send launch a variety of Customer Feedback SMS campaign. If can ask, whether your customers will “Recommend” your business to others. You can ask your customers to “Rate Them” on their Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. You can

3. Keep the Customer Informed

We hate cruel surprises, don’t we? Imagine, you are charged for something you did not know. It hurts. A bitter experience spoils a relationship. But when we know it, it does not hurt that much. Instead, when we hear from our bank telling us that using ATMs of other banks will not be chargeable, when the bank decides to waive of the fee. We feel happy that the bank reached out to let us know. Whenever, you swipe your card, the bank sends us an SMS to ask if it is a genuine payment. We feel secure to receive such an SMS. We feel happy to be banking with them. SMS builds trust.

informed sms

Only SMS allows this personal one-to-one conversation and engagement. Keep your customer informed. Send SMS with relevant and important information, whenever needed. Your customers will love you and trust you for being informative and transparent. Use SMS to gain their trust.

SPRL helps business large and small to build and execute a strategy to leverage the power of SMS. So, whatever, the nature of your business may be, SPRL has the know-how and technology to help you through.

4. Create a relationship with the customer

When one reaches out to us and keeps in touch, we feel warmth of a relationship. It is a wonderful feeling. Make your customers feel loved and cared for. Send Birthday greeting SMS on birthdays. SMS Offer discounts on their anniversary. Pamper them; send gift coupons to their loved one via SMS. Build beautiful relationship with your customer. The way to your customer’s heart goes through SMS. A tiny SMS builds relationship based on warmth.

customer relationship with sms

Make best use data segmentation and send SMS targeting specific preferences of a customer. It is always a delight when someone respects your preferences. Delight your customers with SMS. A company that cares earns envious brand loyalty. Having a loyal customer means having a business relationship for a lifetime. He also influences other members of family who can later become your customers too. All this can be achieved by SMS and Segmentation.

Segmentation work wonders when you have a reliable Bulk SMS provider. SPRL lets you make best use of database by letting you take due advantage of Segmentation. With SPRL Bulk SMS services, you can use the analytics through a comprehensive and easy to use dashboard to make best use of your subscriber-base data. You can choose to send SMS to the identified people, at times that results in maximum efficiency.

5. SMS complements your digital marketing strategy

Use SMS to connect and integrate it with other marketing channels. SMS and Email pair well. Join the two together to broad base your reach. Rope in Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media vehicles to cast a wide net.

sms digital marketing strategy

Make use mobile technology. Insert links to videos, PDFs, etc., to add variety to your SMS and enthral, charm your customers. Push them to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram accounts and bring more action and variety into your engagement by SMS.

Tata Sky promotes their channels on Facebook, POS displays, billboards, and emails by requesting people to SMS Channel Number to subscribe it. Similarly, Indigo Airlines promotes their services on different channels and use SMS to support their services such web-check-ins, flight status etc.

With a dependable SMS Service provider, you can get as creative as you can and integrate your SMS Marketing with other channels. Let SPRL be you guiding hand in aligning your SMS Marketing strategy with other Marketing channels.

Contact us at contact[at]insprl.com or call us at 8088 948 172

Enjoy your marketing drives with SPRL!

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