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Why must you use Shortened URL in your marketing initiatives?

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You will agree that marketing is being creative. It is implementing bright ideas to get maximum mileage out of your marketing budget. Almost all my marketer friends and colleagues agree, it is hard to ignore the importance of Shortened URL. So, why not unleash your creativity with Shortened URL to gain the competitive edge in the market. Using Shortened URL is one the brighter ideas in marketing.

But for those of us who are new to URL Shortening, let me explain the basics of URL Shortening. So, let us first understand the fundamentals and then we will explore of the potency Shortened URL – small sized marketing dynamite.

What is Shortened URL?

A long URL or link to a particular page is transformed into a shorter, manageable link. The new changed URL of an existing page is a Shortened URL.

The powerful technique of shortening a link is aptly called URL shortening.

Though the service is simple, yet there is so much more to it. There are many URL Shortening Service providers both free and paid. Even WordPress provides both free and paid plugin. However, when planning to use Shortened links for marketing of your business, we strongly recommend using a paid and reliable URL Shortener.

url shorten links

To help you choose a reliable, I am listing the hallmarks of a URL Shortener?

Easy to Use

The URL Shortening Service should be easy to use. SPRL has one of the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive link shorteners on the market.

How to Shorten Link with SPRL?
  • Visit the SPRL URL shortener service at insprl.com
  • Write or paste your URL in the long URL here box.
  • Select Random to randomly shorten the link
  • Select custom to Customized the Link
  • Click Shorten URL

It is as simple as this.

shortener service
Secure & Fast

SPRL has the best-in-practice processes and the latest hardware and software to power up the technology of link shortening. Improper use of this service can cause more harm than good. With SPRL you are safe.

Full Control

With SPRL you will have full control over the entire process and the Short URLs so created. At no time SPRL will claim the ownership over the Short URL links you create for your business. You can decide when to retire the links created with SPRL.

Analytics and Tracking

Track and check how every SPRL-Shortened links worked. Use Tracking and Analytics to optimize and realign your marketing strategy as you learn on-the-go which links perform better and give better output.

All in One
shortener service

SPRL is one-stop-solution. SPRL provides URL shortening Services for links related to webpages, images, audio, and video files. Enjoy the benefit of analytics. You can also integrate an API to plug in the service to your website.

Now that all of you my friends must have a better understanding of Shortened URL and URL Shortening. Let us explore how the smart businesses worldwide are creatively harnessing the power of Shortened URL

1. Add value to your Links

Imagine someone shared a long link winding link such as this https://www.webcheckins.in/indigo-airlines-offer-for-new-year-2020-in-flight-89765EXB1

I am sure you will agree that nine out of 10 times, you may end up typing the entire link it incorrectly. The interest is lost, immediately.

In fact, sharing a long URL is a big Turn Off!
Avoid such bloopers.
Shorten your URL. Make them more memorable.

Get creative and expressive. Experiment with creating new, creative, and attractive Links. Short and attractive links have greater chance to remembered.

Subscribe to a URL Shortening Service

You can go one step ahead with just Shortening your long URLs

2. Customize and Brand Your Links

Be creative. URL Shortening allows you to do so. Add more value, by branding your links. You can book a new domain related to your service, brand, offer and create a custom link and brand it.

Create creative connect between your brand or service with your URL.

For example, The New York Times made a short link, it starts with nyti.ms/

Nike, whose logo is a swoosh, starts many of its short links with swoo.sh/

customer branded links
Think smart. Create Vanity URLs.

Definition of a Vanity URL: A vanity URL is a Long URL branded for marketing purposes.

Many URL shortener services offer that sale as part of their service.

Link up with important Keywords with Vanity URLs. For example you can shorten the link

https://www.shoehouse.com/event-management?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=christmas_sale   to   https://www.Shoe.House/Events

Compare the two and decide yourself which of the two is more appealing, easy to pronounce and remember.

Fear not, there is no known negative impact of Vanity URL on your site structure.

Use Vanity URLs with joy on your Social Media Platforms to strengthen your brand. Businesses take every opportunity by both hands to portray themselves as smart brand by adopting smart technology. Embrace URL shortening.

Note, Twitter and other some of the social media platforms shortens the link by automatically.

3. Analyze and Track

Track and Analyze your Shortened Links. Yes, you can do so. Check up your SPRL-shortened links to see how your customer responds to them. Improvise! and get the best out of your marketing initiatives. Exercise greater control over your marketing drive with Shortened links. Analytics provide valuable feedback on these links.

What’s more! Insert a UTM tracking codes to any of your link, and then shorten them with SPRL. Generate a report on how many times one of your SPRL-shortened links has been clicked, where the link was shared, and what kind of traffic your SPRL-shortened links are driving.

What is a UTM?

UTM or Urchin Tracking Module is a simple code. It can be attached to a URL to get a Google Analytics URL performance report. Using a UTM you can keep a track on the performance and progress of a digital campaign across all online platforms.

How is UTM helpful?

It help you get basic yet important information about the web traffic.

visitor tracking
  • a) Where’s the traffic coming from?
  • b) How is it coming to me?
  • c) Why is it coming to me?

Analytics can tell you the following:

Data on each step of the customers’ journey
Number of redirections
Completed orders

…And many other vital customer behaviour information.

Create distinct Short Links for different media. Analytic report will easily divulge, which channels works well. Re-orient your marketing drive, accordingly.

4.URL Shortener Help SEO

Address search engines with Shortened URLs. Contrary to popular belief, short URLs do tells search engines about a page the same way that a page title and H1 does. Search engines do acknowledge and accept Shortened URLs.

According to several ranking specialists, URL shorteners do have a positive impact on your SEO.

Matt Cutt from Google explained that shortened URLs are considered by search engines as any regular 301 redirects and they will thus act upon it. If we try to crawl a page and we see a 301 or permanent redirect, which pretty much all well behaved URL shorteners will do, it will pass Page Rank to the final destination.

No SEO Penalties. Your links are never flagged as spam or penalized by Google.

shorten links help seo
5.Link Re-targeting

Explore and exploit the benefits of Link Re-Targeting with your Shortened URL

What is Link Re-Targeting?

Re-Targeting Link is an audience building hack. It can dramatically build up audience 200% faster. When you insert a re-targeting pixel code into your shortened URL, you can pixel people whom you have influenced.

It is used for people who are serving retargeting ads, using content curation etc.

If you are wondering, please note that it is perfectly legal to highlight people. Amazon or other large publishers use this Shortened URL hack to track you. So when you see the ads of the products you left in a cart, it is Link Re-Targeting.


It pays to be smart and creative. Use this URL Shortening smart technology to be creative. Follow the lead of leading businesses in embracing URL Shortening technology. Choose SPRL your local and leading URL Shortening Service provider.

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