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3 Pro Tips to Increasing the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaign

Read blog about "3 Pro Tips to Increasing the Effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaign"



Effectiveness of Email Marketing is the cherished goal for every Social Media Manager or Marketing Manager. The effectiveness of the Email Marketing is a reflection of your skill and performance. In the world of instant gratification, it is sure as day and night that your superior will press and push you to produce positive results from the Email Marketing Campaign. Even they are aware of the fact that Email Marketing can deliver $42 for every $1 spent –one of the highest Returns on Investment. So, if your campaigns have yet to hit that high-point, I strongly suggest that you should adopt and incorporate these 3 simple yet powerful strategies to immensely improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

It goes without saying that a reliable Email Service Provider -SPRL; is a must to get the most out of these 3 Pro Tips to increasing the effectiveness of your email campaign.

Tip No. 1

Be Mobile Friendly

Current statistics of global population rightly indicates that we are in the Mobile Device Age. The new world technology is rapidly moving from desktop to the use of powerful portable devices. This technology is powering up these mobile devices with computing power greater than a standard desktop. The number of unique Mobile Phone Users is staggering. It is increasing, every day. It is imperative that your email campaign is geared to make best of mobile technology revolution. Here are a few facts to drive home my point that adopting to mobile device is the need of the hour.

  • There are 5.15 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today. The number is increasing @ 2.4% per year.
  • Total number of Unique Mobile Phone user increased by 121 million in 12 months
  • An average of more than 1 million new smartphones are coming into use every day


mobile users

What’s driving this seemingly insatiable consumption is Internet Penetration.

  • 60% of the world population has access to the Internet.
  • About 900,000 new Internet consumers/connections are added on every day
  • 91 percent use mobile devices to go online
  • The average global internet user spends more than 6½ hours online each day.
internet connections everyday

Need I say more? These facts are compelling enough to suggest that Mobile is the device and Internet is the technology a smart marketer must use to connect and communicate with their customers.

So, what do all these facts actually mean for your Email Marketing initiatives?

It means that your email marketing campaigns must be designed and tailored for mobile devices. It underpins the need to optimize your design and content for Mobile Devices.

Let me share with you a few useful inside scoops for optimizing the design and content for Mobile Devices.

Scoop #1: Email Design

Use a simple, single column layout as opposed to a multi-column layout.

Mobile device have smaller screen compared to laptops and desktops, so, a simple, clean and functional layout will achieve better results.

Scoop #2: Font Size

Use readable fonts and keep the font size for the text between 12 to 14 point and for the header between 20-22 points.

Scoop #3: Subject Line Length

Keep length of the “Subject of the Email” between 41 to 70 characters. However, I strongly recommend using A/B testing technique to select the ideal subject length with your specific audience. In fact, A/B test should be applied to subject length, choice of words in subject length etc.

Scoop # 4: Choose and include an appropriate Pre-Header and Footer

What is a Pre-Header?

Pre-Header is the summary of the email that follows the subject line of the email when viewed in the inbox. A pre-header ideally delivers hints and cues on the content of the email. It prompts the receiver to open the email. To ensure high open-rate, use appropriate pre-headers.


As for the footer, always include unsubscribe link or button. It is best-practice of email marketing to be in tune with CAN-SPAM regulations.

Scoop #5: Act wise only Call to Action, button/link

For best results, keepsize of the Call To Action button to about 55x55 pixels. According to a study by MIT the size of an average of an adult’s fingertip is between 16-20 millimeters which comes to 45-60 pixels.

Let’s move on to Pro Tip #2

Tip No. 2

Test. Discover. Repeat.

Market is highly dynamic. Change is the only constant. Customer preferences, social status, location, purchasing power etc., is always changing. An email marketer must be highly adaptable to change. It is precisely why testing is integral to Email Marketing. You must always be prepared to learning about your customer, at all times. You can do so by testing different aspects of your email campaign to discover what works best.

By testing you the winning subject lines, color preferences etc. Let your discoveries about your customer’s preferences and reaction to your campaigns guide you to improve the different aspects of your email campaign.


Repeat what works and change what does not. Testing and discovering broadens the knowledge base. By testing and discovering you will be wiser by every test run and the effectiveness of your email campaign will enhance exponentially.

Please note, by testing you do not fail but only learn and become better.

Some of the interesting find of such testing campaigns are:


Open Rates were 50% more for email with personalized subject lines.


Email with Video experienced a 300% increase in click rates.


70% of emails with poor design and content are deleted within 3 seconds of opening

Tip No. 3


Segmentation in email marketing can be termed as the art and science of marketing. It allows a marketer to be creative and yet be scientific. Most of the mass marketing communication is One-size fit-all. But with Segmentation you can reach and engage with your customer by tailoring the form and content of your email on the basis of demographics, geographic and psychographic and behavioral parameters of your target customer base. Segmentation is truly the art and science of targeting a customer base according to their specific tastes, preferences, beliefs and behavior.

According to DMA, the properly segmented email campaign can increase email revenue by 760%.

email revenue
You can segmentize your email campaigns by Demographics, Geographic and Psychographics and Behavioral parameters.

SPRL Email Services lets you segmentize your customer database based on several customer specifics

Demographics: Segmentation based on age, gender, marital status etc., can help you reach and engage with your customers with tailored messages to elicit appropriate response.

Geographics: Segmentation by location, - rural, urban, semi-urban, tier-a, tier-b, tier-c cities can help you choose the type of the offer you want to send out. In fact, there are many factors by which you can tailor the content and form of your communication message. Creating an email list by city, zip, state, and province will let your select your customers of a particular location. For example. A Special offer email campaign during the Durga Pooja will work well in West Bengal while the same offer may not work well in Punjab and Haryana.

Psychographics: Beliefs, Value systems, Cultural inclinations, Lifestyle etc. influences consumer behavior. Fine tuning your sales pitch aligning it with the value systems of your target audience can enhance the effectiveness of your email campaign.Sending a Glamping offer, or an offer for a Golf-kit, to people who do not indulge in these up-scale leisure activities will not yield any positive results simply because they have a different lifestyle.It is simply throwing your marketing budget down the drain.

Behavioral: Segmenting your user data base on type’s behavior your customer exhibit while interacting with your brand has exhibited positive results. For example, customer who visits regularly and the purchasing history also suggest that this buyer buys regularly, too. You would want to retain him, so you will tailor your message differently than who has visited your site for only three times in the past month and has yet to make a purchased. This is called Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).


Image Credit

Based on the open rate of your previous campaigns, you should strike-out subscribers who have never opened your emails. As we know customer preferences changes, it may be these customers who have moved away or they are not interested in hearing from you. Removing the inactive subscribers will positively impact your open rates, because inactive subscribers will not negatively impact the campaign effectiveness.

As I mentioned, segmentation is both an art and science. It is an advanced level of strategy and demands constant testing, discovery and repetition. But when applied properly, it works like magic.

Quick but important add-on

Most importantly, please note, awell-structured customer database is a mustto get the best output of segmentation strategy. Once you have a well-definedcustomer database, make sure your Email Service Provider (ESP) and server technology support heavy data processing, scripting and queries. This is where SPRL comes in. We have what it takes to run an effective email campaign. We have excellent hardware infrastructure and the email software is robust and scalable, too.

Let’s Summarize

Play smart.
Be Mobile friendly.
Customize your email for mobiles with simple layouts.
Choose subject lines that have worked by A/B Testing.
Keep the font size of your email mobile friendly,
include Call to Actions button
and please do not forget to include Pre-headers. Optimize the picture when using them and don’t forget the impact a video can have. Test, discover and repeat to fine tune your content and form on an ongoing-basis. Embrace segmentation.

Most of all chose SPRL for we are the Email Service Provider having the right server technology, robust and scalable infrastructure and expertise to let you adopt the best practices.

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