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How Email Marketing is the life saver for your business enterprise post 2020?

Read blog about "How Email Marketing is the life saver for your business enterprise post 2020?"



Year 2020 has disrupted the lives for individual and operations for most businesses. Every business is plotting to turn the tables on COVID-19 pandemic. The answer my friend surprisingly for many is, Email Marketing.

To explain, allow me to begin with defining Email Marketing for you.

Email Marketing is a micro digital marketing strategy to inform, educate and engage one?s audience to create, nurture and maintain meaningful relationships

The whole definition deserves a dedicated separate post, but, for now, l will be focusing on Email Marketing in general, particularly in this section of the post. Do connect with SPRL on the art and science of Email Marketing and how it can build lasting relationships and more.

the future of email

A paradigm shift in business processes in COVID-19 pandemic?

We are experiencing a new business order. Working remotely, attending meeting on Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc. exchanging email, texting and chatting, tweeting and all that jazz. What about business communication? Emails.

Why Email is the life-line for businesses big or small?

Well, every business is about people and what we people do. Today, you, me and for that matter, everyone has an email account. We all sends and receive emails. This is how almost all of us communicate, besides texting, and video calling, of course. But the difference is we means business when we exchange emails.

To enquire if your favourite book is still in stock, you email. You need file a complaint, you email. So, email means business. So, if you have product or service, you won?t text. What will you do? Yes! That right, you will send an email. A newsletter or a product catalogue or a special offer-email.

It?s how the world works. Isn?t it! Well, that is precisely why email is life-giving for businesses for all sizes. Especially post 2020.

Here?s Why the time has never been more conducive for Technology driven Marketing ? Email Marketing. The condition will only get better. See how.

There are already more than 4 billion internet users. This is twice the population of China. Close to 4 billion Internet users have email accounts. By 2022, it is estimated that every internet user will have more than 1 email account.

Every 4th person in the world has access to the Internet

  • Most of the people access email on their smart phones.
  • Smartphone are packed with greater computing power than standard PCs.

Here are some more juicy statistics to chew on email marketing.

email marketing statistics
email marketing

Aren?t most of these eye openers. Big ones! they are! Indeed. Let me indulge you a bit more.

Presenting eye openers of slightly different kind, though.

Despite several other Social Media vehicles available, Email Marketing still remains relevant and effective in the communication marketing mix.

This enduring characteristic makes Email Marketing as one of the go-to marketing solutions for businesses, big and small.

Let?s explore why? Stay with me.

Why Email is a prominent form of business communication that works?

Email is a personal form of communication. Customer love personalization. Who does not? The beauty of Email is that we receive it in our inbox, which is our very own private spot on the internet. When we open it on our smartphone or mobile device, we are accessing it in our own private universe. These emails are addressed to us by our names (Permission-based email Marketing, it will come later in the post Jump straight to it, if you prefer).

All this makes it a very personal form of communication. I admit I love it when I am given attention. Don?t we all love it! Smart businesses make the most of this emotional-rush we get; when we float in the attention-bubble these emails create. They catch us in our moments. Read on why these moments are crucial for marketers.

Since the email come directly from the marketers, we understand it being official declarations and commitments from their ends. That is how it meant to be.

So definitely, most definitely, Emails influence us. It is not too difficult a conclusion to draw; Email marketing is a serious business.

Now that I have your attention, let me share a few more interesting points to add more weight to my arguments in favour of Email Marketing as a life saver for your businesses post 2020.

Email - the business driver in Post 2020 scenario

email marketing campaign

COVID-19 has ushered in a new era. We all know it. We are all in it together.
Having said that it is safe to say, ?Post 2020; Internet is where the business of life will be conducted. We will connect with each other electronically. I have shared all the juicy statistics above.

On a different note, there are even conspiracy theories floating around involving COVID-19, 5G spectrum and microchip and all. But the truth of the matter is - Email has emerged as the most reliable currency of communication.

Here?s presenting a few salient features that makes Email the darling of Digital Marketers

Email Marketing is mass media: Facts not Fiction.

  • 4 Billion email inboxes.
  • In 2020, 306 Billion emails were sent and counting.
  • 124 Billion business emails were sent and received. (Source: Campaign Monitor)
  • Average number of emails in an inbox is 200 (Source: Harvard Business Review).

According to LinkedIn report published a few days ago. Do download the report.

Remote selling is now the norm and perceived as effective: 96% of B2B companies have shifted their go-to-market model during COVID-19, and 70% believe the new model is just as effective or more than before in reaching and serving customers (up from 57% in early April).

sales technology transforming
Email Marketing is cost effective.

In comparison to any other digital marketing media, Email is the most cost effective medium. A SPRL account changes less than $3 a month for about 2000 emails. A standard MailChimp Essential plan starts at $9.99 a month.

Checkout the different Email Marketing Plans

Email Marketing ? highly effective sales technology is reported to have higher Returns on Investment (RoI) than other

oberlo email continues to deliver

As per the DMA study in 2015, the average return on investment on $1 comes to be $38. According to most recent study the ROI on $1 had risen to $42

All this is besides many other intangible benefits such as improved brand recognition, increased customer retention and higher customer satisfaction.

oberlo email continues to deliver
How email is being used or different purposes.
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Reactivation of services
  • Customer Onboarding
email measuring success long term metrics

I am sure by now you have fairly good idea of how integral Email Marketing is to marketing mix. I have shared much evidence that it is the life saver in armoury of a Digital Marketing department.

The sheer beauty is there is still more to Email Marketing.

Read on to believe.

There are many other aspects of Email Marketing that makes it a any Digital Marketer?s delight.

Email Marketing is being driven by Artificial Intelligence. It?s even more powerful than before.

Check out how. Read on.

Artificial Intelligence is in. How can the Email Marketing be left out? AI when applied to your data sets can add tremendous value to your campaign. It is no wonder the ROI on $1 investment in Email Marketing has increased from $38 in 2015 to $42 in 2020. Read on how AI can pack a punch to your Email Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence lets you pick Optimized Subject line and email content optimization

AI Email Marketing system learns with time the subject lines, the tone and even the angle of humour in content that resulted in success. The system then suggests subject lines, CTA and the content of the email campaign based on your campaign history. It simply reminds you to makes your campaign effective by picking on elements which worked in the past.

Pick Best Email Send Time and Email Frequency based AI

The AI driven lets you perfect the times at which emails should be sent to increase their open and click through rates. The intelligence is based on your campaign history. Why not automate the system to send the emails when they the highest success rate of being opened and read? Businesses are doing exactly so. The email lands in your box when you are ready to read them. Amazing.

email frequency best practices
Automated Email Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

You can plan your campaign well in advance and automate it. The campaign can be planned to automatically send emails at a specific time, the reminder emails to be sent accordingly after 7 days, and thank email upon purchase, all this without a click of a button.

Learn more!

Email Subscriber Segmentation

AI arranges your subscriber list in to specific sub groups. The sub groups can be based on age, gender, interests, job roles, geographic locations etc.

Personalize Email

Email is a personal communication. We agreed. More Good News. With AI by your side, custom email content down to deeper personal subscriber preferences. AI helps you pick not only the subject lines, words, templates, etc., however, you can pick elements that are in tune with your subscribers? behaviour and interests.

clarks personalized

I love brogue shoes. Clarks constantly sends me their collection of brogue shoes, season after season. I love them for noticing my preferences.

Artificial Intelligence makes Email Marketing simple and easy

We all want to impress but we need to be effective as well. The ease and simplicity of setting up a marketing campaign is unmatched. You can pick the templates for a campaign from a wide range of pre-designed templates. The system lets you pick a that worked in the past. The system automatically enters the email addresses of your subscribers. All this with select-click-select-click convenience. You can even automate the whole process.

Artificial Intelligence driven Email Marketing is customizable.

You can customize everything about it - the design, the message, the time of delivery and to people it should go.

Artificial Intelligence driven Email Campaigns are self-improving

AI driven email campaign are self-improving. How? Analytics give you valuable insight such as ? who and how many opened and read your message. What?s the bounce rate or click through rates . With CTR analytics, you are in the know, if your design, message/offer is working or not.

Which other media serves you with such intelligence? No other.

mailchimp open rate
Email are Social Media Friendly too

Email is also a wonderful promotional media as you can share and promote. All your social media platforms can be accessed through links within your email.

Permission Granted. Yes, I would love to hear from you

I am a Manchester United Fan. As a fan I have to have their season jersey. I have subscribed to their newsletter. I would love to hear from them about the new jersey being released and all the team news, cool contests and updates. They keep me posted.

We all love to keep in touch.

It is now up to businesses to nurture their relationship as their subscribers can unsubscribe at any time. They cannot afford to miss out on customers who are already have shown interest in their product, service. Permission of a customer is a very powerful thing to fritter away. I am sure you will agree.

You would also agree that Email Marketing is exciting. There is so much happening already. We have barely scratched the surface.

Post 2020 Email Marketing is going to evolve into much more than we have seen so far. Even as we speak Email Marketing is evolving into AI Sales technology.

Data is becoming more and more important for the sales organization. The key to this data will be how it is used during the selling process and the customer journey. The most effective organizations will be able to aggregate, govern, and leverage this data to give insights to both past sales efforts and to future forecasts. They will be able to match their process and organizational strengths to that of the customer buying process and specific needs.
Joseph DeMisa ? Korn Ferry in LinkedIn Report, 2020

If you are new to Email Marketing, there could not be a better time for embracing it. Kudos to you, if you have already joined the bandwagon. Stay on course.

Delight your subscribers. Personalise your emails to them that would warm their hearts. Make them feel that they are in control of when and how often they should hear from you. Make them crave for your emails. Technology is evolving in the perfect way for your business to woo and charm your customers. After all marketing is romancing your customers.

Post 2020 belongs to romantics like you and the romance of business. It belongs to Email Marketing.

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