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Why the Link shortening, URL/Link Branding and Link Management are a must-have technology to boost up your business?

Read blog about "Why the Link shortening, URL/Link Branding and Link Management are a must-have technology to boost up your business?"



All three – URL Shortening, Link Branding and Link Management together are emerging as the new age marketing strategy in the current digital era. Both URL Shortening and Link Branding constitute Link Management. I will explain.

URL Shortening

We all must have received if not sent interesting looking URLs in WhatApp messages, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. They look like this for your information

url shortener

We all understand every URL is a link to a piece of information. Don’t’ we! The fact of the matter is URL is being shortened. Businesses are doing so. It’s not fashion. URL Shortening has lot of value. Businesses have taken to them for very good reasons. Here are some of them. A true digital marketer, social media manager and marketing media manager will surely spot the big business opportunity.

  • ❖ Facebook has 2.4 Billion monthly active users
  • ❖ Mobile app users spend, on average, 57 minutes per day on Facebook.
  • ❖ To date, Facebook users have made over 2.5 trillion posts.

20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month.

  • ❖ 500 million Facebook stories are shared daily.
  • ❖ 69% of all adults in USA use Facebook
  • ❖ 74% of high-income earners use Facebook

If you want the best chance of engagement, keep your Facebook posts no longer than 50 characters.

  • ❖ 71% of businesses and 98% of fashion brands use Instagram.
  • ❖ 500 million tweets are sent per day.
  • ❖ Companies using Twitter for customer service see a 19% lift in customer satisfaction.
  • ❖ 92% of companies Tweet more than once a day.
  • ❖ 93% of brand followers on twitter plan to buy from them.
  • ❖ Twitter ads are 11% more effective than TV ads during live events.
  • ❖ Two professionals join LinkedIn every second.
  • ❖ 280 billion LinkedIn feed updates viewed annually.
  • ❖ Over 600 million LinkedIn users can be reached through advertisements on the professional network.

Told you. The above facts speak volumes of business opportunity. Need I say more.

I will explain how SPRL is committed to leveraging these facts, URL Shortening, Link Branding and Link Management in helping clients reap the best benefits. SPRL is best equipped to ride on the current socio-technological conditions to help companies build, strengthen their brands.

SPRL has just the right service for you. We help you in three clever ways to leverage the digital users’ consummate need to communicate and share.

  • ❖ Link Shortening
  • ❖ Link Branding
  • ❖ Link Management

We will begin with URL Shortening.

How does SPRL help in URL shortening?

SPRL has harnessed the technology and developed its own URL Shortening Service. There are many generic URL shorteners on the Internet. However, read the full transcript of the post to know why it in the best interest to have a dedicated URL shortening service like SPRL than relying on a generic URL shortener.

The SPRL URL shortening service is easy to use.

generic url shortener

In fact, there is more to it. The whole mechanics of running a marketing campaign with shortened URL is a different story. Call us or email us at contact[at]insprl.com to know how we can help your brand.

However, read on how URL Shortening is crucial to brand building in the current digital ear.

  • ❖ Let me begin with sharing a few statistics again.
  • ❖ On Facebook, 20 billion messages are sent between people and businesses every month.
  • ❖ 92% of companies Tweet more than once a day.
  • ❖ 280 billion LinkedIn feed updates viewed annually.
  • ❖ Over 600 million LinkedIn users can be reached through advertisements on the professional network.

Every marketing initiative involves advertising in which we share product, special offer, business information all the time. Not to mention that all companies share links for communications; both internal and external across all departments.

Add to it the fact of today’s world - a large chunk of the people in the world access the Internet through their respective mobile devices. A long winding URL with random numbers, special characters, is not only messy in appearance, it is clumsy to share as well. Hence, the need to shorten the URL. However, read on, and check the benefits of a shortened URL.

  • Ease of sharing.
  • Twitter allows only 280-character messages. To leverage twitter a shortened URL is a must.
  • Not only Twitter, Shortened URLs are used on Facebook, LinkedIn as well.

So it is clear from looking that ☟


is much easier to share than


generate custom short link

URL Shortening is a much-loved technology leveraged by top brands today. Here are some of the companies that leveraging the technology:

short link post

So why stay behind. Why not take up the best business practices, today. Signup with SPRL Let me give you some more reasons to latch on to this technology.

SPRL has technology and expertise to even BRAND your link. Yes, you heard that right. You can even brand your links. It means you can lend your brand name to every link that goes out. As a Social Media Manager, a Marketing Manager or a Brand Manager, the power to brand every link that goes from your stable is hard to deny. Every time your company’s branded link is seen and shared, it will reinforce your brand identity.

short link post
SPRL not only just brands your Shortened URLs but let’s you do more.

URL/Link Customization

With SPRL you can customize your link as you desire. Customization opens new doors to be creative and expressive. Let your marketing juices flow and juice up your shortened links. This means you can create interest generating links to catch the consumers attention. You can color them in the spirit of your campaign.

Here are some interesting examples of customized Shortened Links.

customized Shortened Links
You can add glamour and glitz of your brands to these URLs. They are also known as Vanity URLs.
Vanity URLs

Let’s pause for a moment and recap the benefits you can enjoy with SPRL URL Link Shortening Service

  • 1. You must shorten a URL to share it easily or social media especially
  • 2. You must Brand a shortened URL to enhance Brand visibility and image.
  • 3. You can Customize a URL according your needs and choices
social media

Branded links provide a definite edge over the standard links. We strongly recommend using branded links for three main Reasons

Reason 1 – Why Use Branded Links?

Branded Links add Credibility to your company/brand.

A branded URL puts your brand name out in front. A generic URL hides it. Why enjoy the anonymity, when you have a reputation to boast about? As they say if you have it flaunt it. You owe it to your company who has put in an effort to earn the name, fame and trust. A Branded URL adds to sheen.

Branded Links
Reason 2 – Why Use Branded Links?

Branded Links enhance trustworthiness of links and hence the trust factor of your company/brand.

All good value-oriented companies insist their email correspondence be through their dedicated domain name and not from generic domain.

Which of the two emails would you open




Why should it be any different for your links?

Similarly, on most occasions, we do not click on links forward to us, because they seem not trustworthy as we cannot associate them directly with any brand. However, a branded link displays your brand name boldly and proudly engendering a trust factor and upon clicking, it leads to genuine information. Trust is rewarded and reinforced.

Which leads us to a very very important aspects of Digital Marketing: CTR – Click-Through Rate.

Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate is the measure of success of an online advertising campaign. It is depicted as a ratio.

How to calculate CTR?

To calculate the CTR ratio of your advertising or email campaign, you divide the total number of clicks a specific link receives by the number of total users who view the ad or the email displaying it.

Branded links are known to have higher CTRs than the non-branded ones.

higher CTRs
Reason 3 - Why Use Branded Links?

Branded Links enhances the Recall value of the brand. With SPRL, you enjoy the power to tailor the URLs/links, we suggest choosing words that are easy to read, write, remember to increase the recall value of the offer, event etc.

It adds to your communication prowess of your company, leading to higher brand loyalty.

value of the brand
Case in point above. Marcus Rashford a Manchester United player was able to generate millions for his charity FareShare.

He was lauded by the entire football fraternity for his work and efforts.

Reason 4 - Why use Branded links?

Branded links add to the Site’s SEO

Branded links are programmed to redirect using a 301-response code (also known as permanent redirect). In doing so the shortened link gives full-due weightage to the target page.


Having a branded link lends trustworthiness to your brand. However, since your name is attached to the link, it is immensely important that you need to protect your image as well.

Reason 5 - Why use branded links

Offline marketing

Yes Offline Marketing too is where your branded links can work. Companies create memorable, user-friendly, trackable and links for offline marketing. Creative acts of marketing has been seen where links feature on billboards, t-shirts, business cards, in QR codes and more.

Offline Marketing

This is where SPRL comes in. I am illustrating a use case below to illustrate my point.

Advantage SPRL

When you use Generic URL shorteners, you risk allowing anyone, including spammers, access the same domain name. So, sharing URLs with that generic domain, you have no control over the reputation of the links so created. Your domain could be Blacklisted severely impacting the deliverability of all messages, especially those sent via email.

It is essential that you trust SPRL, a firm with impeccable reputation and expertise in handling your brand image and efficacy of your communication campaign.

Zara uses SPRL SPRL services to create branded shortened links to secure brand protection of their links from spammers, avoid any deliverability issue due to blacklisting and at the same time access to link metrics such as CTRs and conversion rates.

Advantage SPRL1

Link Ownership

When using SPRL services in creating short URLs you exercise complete ownership over every single one of the links they’ve created and shared. The ownership of any links made with a generic URL Shortener and generic domain rests with that organization.

Short URLs do expire. If you have no ownership, it’s difficult to manage them. What’s more, if the short URL provider ceases operation, all of the links can be deleted with no recourse for users.

With SPRL we will sign a Service Agreement specifically mentioning that the ownership of the links lies with you and you alone.

Advantage SPRL2

SPRL Short URL Dashboard

While using the SPRL platform, you will get access to a centralized dashboard to manage your campaign.

short url dashboard

You will enjoy full control over the campaign.

You will access to all link Analytics

Advantage SPRL3

Multiple Domains

With SPRL you can have several branded domains usually not possible with generic URL shorteners.

Kindly note that ICANN approves new gTLD movement opening doors to creativity in creating unique domain names that companies can use for specific initiatives, projects or segments. You can choose strong domain extensions such as .link, .news, .tech, .social, .blog, .click, .store and many more. With over 1,000 to choose from, your brands can manage domains for virtually any use case. The story of Shortened URL is not finished as yet. There is more to it.

SPRL is leveraging the best practices for you. So, we not only Shorten your URL, brand it and Help drive traffic to your site, the SPRL shortened link comes with another power that you will as marketer will fall in love with.

Advantage SPRL4

URL/Link Analytics

The Shortened link can be tracked, monitored and you can generate an extensive report on its performance. It goes out and does all the good it can and comes back with market insight. As a marketer, you understand the value of these analytics, how it can help you get into the minds of your consumer and enhance the customer experience.

link Analytics

SPRL will add UTM Parameter to your links you share, the technology will do the rest for you. You should only worry about how to leverage the intelligence gathered. There are 5 flavours of UTM Parameters. Each one is used for different purposes.

All this business about URL shortening, Branding of the URLs making your URLs smarter so that they work for you is called Link Management.

Why is Link Management important?

World’s most popular and profit driven companies are already branding and managing their links. Adidas, Pepsi, Virgin, and Land Rover to name a few. Commonsense and good business sense is to follow their lead. A solid link management platform for corporate links is a must-have.

We at SPRL are equipped to take up your URL shortening, URL Branding, and hence Link Management drive in all its aspects for you. As you might have guessed that to run a campaign a robust technology infrastructure is fundamental. SPRL has all that is required.

Here is your checklist for a reliable Service provider. SPRL ticks all the boxes for you.

  • Dedicated Servers
  • A single platform for Link shortening, Link Branding, Link distribution and data monitoring on every channel
  • Smart analytics
  • A Single sign-on dashboard to manage all link assets in one place both manually and programmatically
  • Initial assessment and recommendations for scope of work
  • Domain name consultancy and portfolio management advice
  • Single sign-on
  • Custom report setup and scheduling
  • Software integrations – APIs available
  • Company-wide training program
  • Custom SLA
  • Malicious content monitoring
  • Dedicated account manager and engineer support

Go ahead and unleash the power of Link Management. Build and promote your brand. SPRL is available at your beckon call.

Contact us at contact[at]insprl.com or call us at 8088 948 172

Enjoy your marketing drives with SPRL!

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