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Best URL Shortener on the Internet

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The abbreviation of URL is Uniform Resource Locator- and it is also known as link or web address. A URL shortener is a tool that is used to create a short web link. The working principle of this tool is that it takes a long URL and transforms into a shorten link.

The shorten URL makes easy for the digital marketer to share and manage content in other social media platforms. When you use shorten links the probability of getting traffic is higher than long web links as per the Google algorithm.

The best weblink shortener on the internet:

  • Rebrandly: The functionality of the rebrandly is much more than link shortener. It is one of the reputed and reliable URL shortener sites. On utilizing its features you can create, measure and manage URLs with a custom domain name. It is the custom URL shortener platform that offers custom domain plans to the users.


  • Click meter: Rebrandly is the parent company of the clickmeter. It offers comprehensive solutions to the affiliate marketers that are looking for the custom destination URL, link analytics dashboard, and retargeting. It is one of the website visitor tracking tool along with the shortner link you can avail of their services.

    Click meter

  • SPRL: SPRL is a free URL shortener tool that allows you to manage, measure and create short links and change the URL from long to short. The enterprise paid version is a bit costly, but you can use its free features like in-depth analytics, user management, and better mobile experience.


  • TinyURL: This bulk URL shortener service provides doesn’t require any signup to transform long URL into short. The service is free to use and it can allow you to create a custom URL. The downside of this service is that there is no analytics.


  • Live Chat URL Shortener: It is one of the most user-friendly online link shortener service platforms. It comes with unique features like a built-in URL builder that lets you tag your links with UTM parameters.

    Live Chat

Final Say:

We hope this comprehensive guide on the best URL shortener sites help you an ideal one which offers you URL shortener and tracker services. If you are looking for the best free URL shortener you can peruse SPRL.

If you are seeking the free URL shortener services, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you the best URL shortener on the internet that enables you to create short link free.

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