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5 Undeniable Facts about Bulk SMS Marketing that makes Bulk SMS Marketing the Go-To Marketing Strategy of 2020 and beyond

Read blog about "5 Undeniable Facts about Bulk SMS Marketing that makes Bulk SMS Marketing the Go-To Marketing Strategy of 2020 and beyond"



SMS Marketing has long been part of the Marketing mix for businesses. But with the advent of 2020, SMS Marketing has dramatically taken a pivotal place in marketing-mix that it is now impossible to ignore. This is primarily due to explosive growth in Mobile industry and technology. This exponential growth is not a local phenomenon but a global one. The most interesting part of the SMS marketing to begin with is, that even though it is related to mobile phone technology, Internet penetration has little to do with it. This means unique mobile phone users is a crucial factor.

Facts do no lie.

Fact #1

More than 5 Billion people use Mobile Phone to send and receive SMS

unique mobile users

What does this mean to a marketer?

It clearly means that marketers have an ocean of opportunity to tap in to. The figures scream at the companies to wake up to the open invitation to go out boldly and connect with their consumers. The consumers had never been so approachable.

Today, Two-third of the global population subscribe to mobile services. Unique Mobile Phone users means that each individual consumer can be targeted.

What more can a marketer ask for?

SPRL is an established Bulk SMS gateway. We can help you unlock the potential of this goldmine of an opportunity.

So, if you need to send Promotional or Transactional SMSs to your customers choose SPRL.

SPRL as a BULK SMS Gateway is equipped in every way to partner with you in leveraging this unique time span in techno-revolution? Here’s how in brief

Choose SPRL – Bulk SMS Gateway – Legally Compliant SMS Platform

Please be advised that Bulk SMS messaging in India is governed by several regulation by TRAI including National Do Not Call (NDNC) SPRL is compliant for TRAI -DLT-Platform regulations in place regarding sending times and volumes.

From 1st June 2020 onwards traffic of only DLT registered headers (sender id’s) would be allowed by the Telecom operators.

Get going with User-Friendly SPRL – Bulk SMS Gateway -

Here’s a quick look at the dashboard of your admin panel to manage SMS campaign. It is easy and simple to use.

sprl sms platform

Excel with Expert hand-holding unwavering Customer Support with SPRL – Bulk SMS Gateway The SPRL Bulk SMS services is easy to get and use. Even then, if you will find yourself at lost, and need support and assistance just let us know. We will be with you.

Best the competition with Competitive Pricing of SPRL – Bulk SMS Gateway

Extend your competitive edge in the market with competitive pricing for Bulk SMS campaign. SPRL’s competitive pricing is a major advantage a marketer can make best use of.

Multi-task with Multi-purpose SPRL – Bulk SMS Gateway

The multipurpose feature rich SPRL SMS Gateway lets you manage the entire BULK SMS campaign from a single comprehensive dashboard.

sms gateway features
all languages

Let’s move on to...

Fact #2

SMS boasts of a near perfect score of 99%, when it comes to open-rate.

sms open rate

Frost & Sullivan 2010 & Epsilon 2009 reports found that compared to email marketing, which has an average open rate of 22%, however, 98% open rate of SMS messages is a deal clincher, any day.

There is no match for SMS Marketing when it comes to their Open Rate. Some hard-core Email-Marketing advocates may say Email is free, even then the 99% Open Rate promises more value.

Free does not mean effective!

The sky-high Open Rates make SMSs not only effective but cost effective too, as there are costs attached to Email marketing. The Rate of Investment (ROI) of Bulk SMS campaign according to different sources is between 30-45%. I mentioned the 30-45% range due to the fact that different studies take different parameters to arrive at the ROI. However, it goes without saying that a ROI between 30-45% is healthy.

But how to keep track of your Conversion Rates and RoI?

The simpler solution is to take up the services of a trusted and established Bulk SMS gateway -SPRL.

SPRL adds transparency and accountability to your marketing campaign by giving you access to the SMS analytics. With SPRL SMS Analytic Report, you will always be in the know; how well your campaign is working. In addition, SPRL can help you move the ROI of your SMS campaign to the farther end of 30-45% ROI spectrum by offering very competitive prices.

Take a look at SPRL Pricing Options and SMS Analytics Reports

sms pricing
sms analytics

Fact #3

Timing of SMS being delivered and read is unmatched

sms message read

According to MobileSQUARED a mobile research firm over 90% percent of people read a SMS within the first 3 minutes of receiving it. There is no other marketing tool that rivals this aspect.

The research firm MobileSQAURED even goes further to report that 99% of SMS messages are opened within 20 minutes.

It is self-axiomatic SMS marketing is truly powerful and highly penetrative and lightening quick. Especially considering the times that we are living in – a time known for instant gratification.

We are in the times of instant coffee and two minutes noodles. It offers a smart marketer quicker feedback to fine-tune marketing messages and re-orient messaging strategy. The marketer can then tweak their approach by adding filters to their target audience, change the content of the SMS, change value in their offers to name a few thereby increasing the effectiveness count of a SMS marketing campaign.

Below are the many reasons for which companies are leveraging SPRL’s Bulk SMS Services.

  • ❖ Mass SMS advertising
  • ❖ Sending notifications
  • ❖ Sending Alerts
  • ❖ Sending Reminders
  • ❖ Sending OTPs
  • ❖ Sending Product information
  • ❖ Sending News
  • ❖ Sending SMS newsletters

How different Businesses and Institutions are using Bulk SMS Services to their advantage. A few examples:

  • Private or/and public educational institutions using mass messaging to send information to parents and teachers.
  • Hotels and restaurants using bulk SMS to send special offers or invitations.
  • Theatres, cinemas, multiplexes, using mass text messaging services for tickets and offers.
  • Courier and Packaging companies sending tracking information
  • Banks sending OTPs and Credit Card alerts
  • E-Stores use SMS for product alerts and customer lead generation

Fact #4

SMS are known to produce astonishingly Higher Response Rate

sms response rate

As we discussed different companies are making the best use of SMS Marketing depending upon their marketing objectives.

However, on the whole a marketer is harnessing the super power of SMS

  • 1. To encourage engagements with their customers.
  • 2. To lead their customers through the sales funnel to increase sales volume.

SMS Marketing helps a marketer to target the most important aspect of the Marketing cycle – the customer. The messages designed carefully for the customers are delivered specifically to the mobile device the targeted customer owns. Above all, the customer is independent of the Internet to open and read the message carefully designed for them.

sms vs other marketing channel

SMS open rates are nearly 5 times that of email.

The average person takes 90 seconds to reply to an SMS message — but 90 minutes to respond to an email.

sms coupon marketing

For every marketing manager, media planner, communication specialist, the above statistics are virtually impossible to ignore. Ignorance cannot be a bliss in this case.

SPRL Bulk SMS Gateway is geared with a truly best-in-class features such as Segmentation, Number Excluding, Personalization to helps you tailor your campaign for enhanced effectiveness. The Segmentation feature is similar to the one applied to Email Marketing.

It is the division of subscriber base into specific segments based on set criteria. Segmentation is a personalization tactic to deliver relevant message to consumers based on their demographics, interests, purchase history, and other set criteria.

SPRL customer success team works to helping you to make the best use of the smart, robust and scalable Bulk SMS technology available. Call us at 8088 948 172 to know more. You can email us at sales[at]insprl.com

Using short, branded links in your mobile marketing campaigns can help improve conversions by up to 34% which is why we recommend using a URL shortener

Broad Features of the INSPRL Bulk SMS Gateway are as below
  • Free Testing
  • Mass Texting
  • Excel Import / Export
  • Segmentation
  • Message Scheduling
  • Size Customization
  • Personalization
  • Number Excluding
  • Ready Templates
  • Mobile Optimized
  • Advanced Analytics
  • API Integration

Fact #5

3 out of 4 customers give their permission to be receive promotional and transactional SMS from companies.

sms alerts

Save the best for the last.

When I opened an account with Kotak bank. I did share my phone number to get balance alerts, transaction alerts and OTPs for transactions and other banking services.

Similarly, when we shop for our favorite brands at Shoppers Stop, Marks & Spencer, Pantaloons, Reliance Trends, and the likes, we do share our phone numbers to receive alerts on off-season sale announcements or new collection announcements. These brands do pamper us with special discounts on our Birthdays and Anniversary. They also connect with us on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and various other occasions.

I have agreed to get match alerts from my favorite club – Manchester United. I love to hear everything about it. My eyes light up whenever a notification or an alert comes in.

All this is a classic case of Opt-in SMS Marketing.

opt-in marketing

To me this is the best aspect of SMS Marketing.

This is purely because a customer agrees to hearing from a company or a brand. Opt-in means that a customer looks forward to hearing from the company of his liking or choice. The brand will have her undivided attention and she will be all ears to their nudges and persuasion.

As any learned marketer knows, much of the marketing budget is spent in drawing the attention of the consumers in the utterly noisy market. But with SMS, she has agreed to give you her precious time and attention to listen to you, intently.

Go connect with her.

Here’s how you can get started and get going, easily and in a few minutes.


Go to your account with SPRL Gateway at insprl.com (User friendly platform)

Click on “Create an Account

Create Campaign by clicking on “Purchase SMS

Upload Contact

Write the text of the message/ You can select a Content Template

Choose the list of contacts/You can use Segmentation/Message Scheduling/Size Customization/ Personalization/Number Excluding

Click on “Start Campaign” and “Send SMS”

sms coupon redemption

So, we can definitely conclude on two things:


Whenever you need to send reminders, alerts, coupons, membership deals, unique offers to customers or wish to connect with your target audience for any other marketing reasons, you can turn to Bulk SMS Marketing because it is

  • Fast,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Permission-based (opt-in)

Mass advertising and marketing strategy.


SPRL Bulk SMS Gateway is equipped in every way to launch a Bulk SMS Marketing campaign.

Let power of SMS marketing work for you too, in 2020 and beyond.

If you have any queries, please do connect with SPRL directly at contact[at]insprl.com or call us at our Customer Care Number 8088 948 172

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